RISE Child Development Center, Inc’s mission is to make it possible for all children to have access to a transformative early childhood education. In service of our mission, we have adopted an income-based tuition model. Monthly tuition rates are set yearly to accommodate varying levels of household income and are reflected in the following charts.


Gross Household Income Below $ 114,999 Above $ 115,000
Infant $ 1,205 $ 1,305
Toddlers $ 1,170 $ 1,270
Twos $ 1,115 $ 1,215
Pre-K $ 990 $ 1,090


Reach out to us to learn about subsidies available for income-eligible families. You can learn more about child care subsidies through Workforce Solutions Capital Area.

Tuition FAQs

Is there an application fee?

There is no charge to apply to attend RISE Child Development Center, Inc.

How much is the enrollment deposit?

A $150 deposit is due upon accepting an opening. $100 will be applied towards September tuition and $50 will remain with the school as a materials/supply fee. Each spring a $150 deposit will be required to re-enroll for the following year.  This deposit is not refundable.

When is tuition due?

Tuition is due by the 1st of every month.

What if I pay my tuition late?

Tuition is due in advance of services on the first day of the month. A $3/day late fee is charged after the fifth day of the month. A fee is charged for returned checks, in addition to appropriate late fees.

What if I need to withdraw my child?

We require advanced notice of 30 days when someone plans to withdraw from the center. Families are responsible for tuition during these 30 days. When this 30-day notice is given, prorated tuition is calculated in the following way: tuition ÷ days center is open during a given month = daily tuition rate.